ATA Annual Conference and SPD Professional Development Handouts and Presentations

Note: The authors of these presentations have given their permission for visitors to download the handouts below. These resources are provided for the continuing professional development of the Spanish Language Division (SPD) members. The SPD and its leaders assume no liability for the content of any of these resources.

ATA 63rd Annual Conference, Los Angeles
October 12-15, 2022
María Marta García Negroni (SPD Distinguished Speaker) (014) Inclusive Language in Spanish and Subjective Positioning [Download here]

(081) On Quotative Uses of the Conditional in Spanish: The Case of Journalistic and Scientific Conditional [Download here]

Angélica Ramírez (137) Today’s Professional Subtitling: A Combination of Human Intervention and Artificial Intelligence [Download here]
Fernando Cuñado y Ruth Gámez (095) Terms of Art, Legal Jargon, and Those Phrases that Drive Legal Translators Mad [Download here] [Download here]
Izaskun Orkwis (123) Forget about False Cognates — Real Cognates Are a Headache Too! [Download here]
María Baker (067) Frequent Errors in Health Care Interpreting and Translation (English to Spanish) and How to Avoid Them [Download here]
María C. Propato and Tony Rosado (108) Interpreting International Arbitrations Remotely: Between Conference and Legal Work [Download here]
Nora Díaz (099) Optimize Your Space: What Good Ergonomics Can Do for You [Download here]
Pablo Mugüerza (097) A 2022 Medical Terminology Update [Download here]

(110) Language and COVID: An Overview of Pandemic-Related Medical Translation [Download here]

Silvana Debonis (042) Where Technology Meets Finance [Download here]
ATA 61st Annual Conference, Online
October 21-24, 2020
Sofía Rodríguez (SPD Distinguished Speaker) El desafío de la concordancia en la corrección [Download here]

El gerundio español: pautas avanzadas para la corrección [Download here]

ATA 60th Annual Conference, Palm Springs, CA
October 23-26, 2019
Pablo Fernández Moriano Deadpool 2: Translating an R-Rated Film from English into Castilian Spanish [Download here]
Robin Ragan Interpreting at a Detention Center for Asylum Seekers
a) Recommendations for Volunteering and Supporting Asylum Seekers at the Border & in Detention (Handout 1) [Download here]
b) Practice script to demonstrate common dilemmas interpreters face in this setting (Handout 2) [Download here]
Bridget Hylak and Loren Lulushi Management Tools for LSCs and LDs: An Aerial View (in Spanish) [Download here]
Julie Burns and Tracy Young Heritage Speakers in Health Care Interpreting: A Case Study in Virtual Training [Download here]
Madeline Ríos Translating Latin American Case Law [Download here]
Marta Sánchez A Translational Turn: Latinx Literature in Spanish Arrives (Handout) [Download here]
María del Carmen Propato Transcreation: Creative Writing and Translation—Honing (and Challenging) Your Translation Skills with Marketing and Advertising Texts [Download here]
ATA 59th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA
October 24-27, 2018
María Barros Traducción idiomática [Download here]
Kathryn German Translating Spanish Cardiology Reports [Download here]
Carol Shaw Mix-and-Match: Differences and Similarities between Latin American and United States Public Education Systems [Download here]
In Miami Spring Into Action, Miami, FL
March 16-18, 2018
Alberto Gómez Font (Palabras Mayores)
Xosé Castro (Palabras Mayores)
  • Consejos de informática productiva para comunicadores y traductores [Download here]
  • Introducción a la redacción y traducción para SEO, internet blogs y redes sociales [Download here]
Antonio Martín (Palabras Mayores)
Jorge de Buen (Palabras Mayores)
  • Las comillas y las comillas inglesas [Download here]
  • Las comillas y las comillas inglesas: historia, usos, reglas y criterios. [Download here]
ATA 58th Annual Conference, Washington, DC
October 25-28, 2017
Pablo Mugüerza
  • Traducción de protocolos de ensayos clínicos Parte I [Download here]
  • Traducción de protocolos de ensayos clínicos Parte II [Download here]
Juan Baquero Subtitling Cultural References: a matter of strategies [Download here]
María Barros Cuando sobran las palabras [Download here]