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The February 2020 issue of Intercambios is ready!

Dear SPD members and followers, The February 2020 issue of Intercambios is ready and available on the website! Click to download Intercambios in PDF format. The Spanish Language Division (SPD) and its Editorial team are very excited to announce the first issue of Intercambios in 2020! This edition features 9 great articles and authors, including a research essay about an unknown aspect in the life of Inca Garcilaso de

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Entrevista a Ricardo Bardo-Portilla

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida (ATIF), together with the Spanish Language Division (SPD) of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Miami Dade College Eduardo J. Padron Campus (MDCEPC)*, will present Spring Into Action Summer 2020, an international conference in Miami, Florida.** In an effort to share more information about some of our presenters and organizers, we will be publishing a series of

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Intercambios is dressed in diamonds to celebrate its 75th issue!

Dear SPD members and followers, It is celebration time! The October 2019 Commemorative 75th issue of Intercambios is ready and available on the website! Click to download Intercambios in PDF format. The Spanish Language Division (SPD) and its Editorial team are excited to unveil and share this outstanding issue with our readership. This special edition offers excellent content, including two enlightening interviews and several enriching articles. Volume 23 / Issue

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Meet the members of the ATA SPD Website Committee!

ATA SPD WEBSITE COMMITTEE The SPD website serves as a primary means of communication with Division members and followers. Under the direction of the Division Administrator and the webmaster, the Website Committee facilitates communication by handling the website’s design, content, and any updates. The committee works closely with the Administrators and the Digital and Social Media, Professional Development, and Editorial

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Meet the members of the SPD Podcast Committee!

ATA SPD PODCAST COMMITTEE The ATA SPD Podcast helps Division members develop and improve their business and lifestyle as language professionals. In each episode, Division members and special guests share ideas and actionable strategies to stimulate motivation, creativity, communication, and contribution to the profession. The podcast is also a venue for all ATA members to explore education in translation, editing,

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La editora de Intercambios, Gloria Cabrejos, habla con la Escuela de Edición de Lima sobre la nueva imagen del boletín

La División de Español de la ATA tiene el agrado de compartir una entrevista a Gloria Cabrejos, jefa de redacción de Intercambios, en la que Gloria nos habla sobre la ATA, el boletín y su experiencia como nueva editora sobre la base de sus estudios en la EEL. ¡Gracias por esta entrevista, Escuela de Edición de Lima! http://escueladeedicion.com.pe/gloria-cabrejos-editora-de-la-nueva-cara-de-intercambios/

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