Meet the members of the SPD Editorial Committee (2019-2020)!


SPD Editorial Committee: stay informed and learn

The Editorial Committee consists of the SPD newsletter Editor and the Committee Members. The Editorial Committee oversees content for the newsletter, both in PDF and online format, and assists the Editor in publishing it. Its purpose is to share information of interest about the profession, disseminate cultural and research papers, provide opportunities for professional development, and promote the use of proper Spanish.

Gloria Cabrejos is a translator and copyeditor, specializing in several technical fields, including oil & gas, mining, and environmental. She resides in Lima, Peru where she owns a translation agency since 1997. Gloria joined the ATA and the SPD in 2015 and began volunteering in several committees and is the Intercambios editor.
Sue Horn is a translator/interpreter of English, Spanish and Portuguese. She spent 20 wonderful years in Colombia, where she was a Univ. Professor, actor, lecturer, co-author of a series of EFL textbooks, translator & interpreter. She currently works at AT&T in Atlanta, GA. She has been a member of the ATA & SPD for almost 30 years.
Olga Lucía Mutis is a self-made Colombian Translator with a BS in Bacteriology and a Master of Science in Natural Medicine and Homeopathy. She has been Espalista’s Moderator, Intercambios’ Editor, several times presenter in the ATA Conferences as well as Intercambios’ collaborator and reviewer for many years.
Virginia Perez-Santalla, ATA member over 35 yrs.; SPD Assistant Administrator 1991/93; chair of SPD Conferences 1, 2, 3 organizing committee; ATA Board and Executive Committee Member 11 yrs; Founding Member of CCHI, representing the ATA;  ATA Certified Translator and a Federally Certified Court Interpreter.
Paul Merriam is an ATA-certified Russian to English translator. After spending 20 years in the US Army, he spent ten years as a project manager in an agency with a Department of Justice contract. He now works as a freelance translator from Russian, German, Polish and Spanish into English.

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