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The Spanish Language Division (SPD) and its Editorial team are delighted to share the February 2022 issue of Intercambios!

In this issue, we have the contribution of Quico Rovira-Beleta, who shares his experiences and the challenges he has faced in his work translating and subtitling the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also in this issue, Guadalupe Martin shares with us terminology used in the translation of clinical studies.

In our section The Interpreting Chronicles, Francesca Samuel narrates a very special experience she had in her work as an interpreter. It is a touching story that reflects the ability to adapt required of any good interpreter. Nora Díaz continues with her very useful tips to make our lives easier in our daily interaction with the computer, explaining how to combine several steps into one by using keyboard shortcuts. Antoni Maroto shows us the importance of choosing carefully whether to use acronyms to save space in what we write, and how confusing this practice can be.

Alberto Gómez Font, Fernando Navarro and Emilio Bernal Labrada, with their usual contributions to Intercambios, help us to better understand the subtleties of our profession and the importance of using the correct terminology. In the Milhojas section, we included a poem by Raúl Caballero, a talented poet and writer who passed away recently.

Happy reading!

Volume 26 / Issue 1 / ISSN 1550-2945


Table of contents

High Hopes
Edna Santizo     2
Nuevas Oportunidades
Mónica de León     5
El Cenit de la elite
Alberto Gómez Font     6

Interpreting for Mental Health Patients
Francesca Samuel     8
Hablemos de medicina
Fernando A. Navarro    10

¡Hulk, aplasta!
Quico Rovira-Beleta     12
El desarrollo de una vacuna
Guadalupe Martin    15

“Razones médicas” y otras “cuestiones”
Emilio Bernal Labrada     17
Combina pasos y ahorra
tiempo con AutoHotkey

Nora Díaz    19
¿Menos es más?
Antoni Maroto     21
Dos boletos
Raúl Caballero    23

Click to download Intercambios in PDF format.

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