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In this issue of Intercambios, our Administrator Edna Santizo introduces us to the Leadership Council for the 2022-2023 period. Thank you to all these wonderful volunteers that make our Division possible!

This is a very special issue of Intercambios, where we look back in time with the help of some of our past editors. Thanks to some of the articles they published during the time they served as editors, we can see that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

In this issue you will find:

“El túnel del tiempo,” a section where five of our past editors share with us their favorite articles:

      • Keeping our Balance, by Danielle Maxson
      • Despacio, despacio, by Manuel Talens
      • Equívocos cautelares, by Ricardo Chiesa
      • The Faces of Saint Jerome Through Art, by Becky Katz
      • Algunas particularidades de la traducción de cifras, by Graciela P. Isaía y Ruiz

An article by Pablo Mugüerza about those people who need to have the last word.

And the always interesting columns by Alberto Gómez Font, Fernando Navarro, and Emilio Bernal.

Volume 27 / Issue 1 / ISSN 1550-2945


Table of contents

A Special Place to Belong
Edna Santizo     2
Lo bueno permanece
Mónica de León     4
El ultimapalabrista
Pablo Mugüerza     6

Hablemos de medicina
Fernando A. Navarro     8
¿Habladores o parladores latinoamericanos?
Alberto Gómez Font   10

Análisis preliminar del “deporglés”
Emilio Bernal Labrada     11
El túnel del tiempo
Intercambios    13

Keeping Our Balance
Danielle Maxson     14
Despacio, despacio
Manuel Talens   16
Equívocos cautelares
Ricardo Chiesa     18
The Faces of Saint Jerome Through Art
Becky Katz        20
Algunas particularidades de la traducción de cifras
Graciela P. Isaía y Ruiz    22

Click to download Intercambios in PDF format.

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