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With great joy, the Spanish Language Division (SPD) presents the new Intercambios design.

It has been almost four years since the design of Intercambios was turned over to the talented hands of Jaime Garza. However, graphic design trends are always evolving, and it is important to keep our newsletter at the forefront of these advances. Therefore, now it was time to reinvent the newsletter once again!

The image of Intercambios is a key element of the publication’s existence, but the essence is always the content, and this issue fulfills its purpose perfectly.

In this issue you will find:

An article by Antonio Martín on the importance of Plain Language in Spain and the progress that has been made in his country in this regard.

María Marta García Negroni, the SPD Distinguished Speaker during ATA63, granted us an interview to talk about the presentations she will deliver in Los Angeles. She also shared her thoughts about inclusive language, proofreading, and other interesting topics.

In their article First Do No Harm, Erika Cosenza and Maitén Vargas discuss the need to rethink the ethics of our profession in a nonbinary world.

Andrew Gillies, a leading conference interpreter and interpreter trainer, explains the reasons why interpreters need to have the best possible sound.

Guadalupe Martin presents an interesting article on the various types of clinical studies.

In Milhojas, Olga Lucía Mutis narrates a story in her unique storytelling style.

And the always interesting columns by Fernando Navarro, Emilio Bernal, and Alberto Gómez Font.

The publication of this issue of Intercambios coincides with the start of ATA63 in Los Angeles. It will undoubtedly be a long-awaited reunion for many of us. See you there!

Volume 26 / Issue 3 / ISSN 1550-2945


Table of contents

A time to adapt and grow
Edna Santizo     2
Mónica de León     4
Bad sound explained
Andrew Gillies     6

¡El léxico del béisbol, ya!
Emilio Bernal Labrada     9
El lenguaje claro en España
Antonio Martín    11

Hablemos de medicina
Fernando A. Navarro     14
Tipos de estudios clínicos
Guadalupe Martin    16

First Do No Harm
Erika Cosenza & Maitén Vargas     18
Tres verbos asesinos
Alberto Gómez Font    23
María Marta García Negroni
Entrevista     25
Olga Lucía Mutis    27

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