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The Spanish Language Division (SPD) and its Editorial team are delighted to share the June 2022 issue of Intercambios!

In this issue, and given the recent world events, we have a very interesting article by Flor Montero and Sergio Martínez Bronimann entitled Noticias de Guerra, which includes valuable and useful information on how interpreters can face and cope with this responsibility.

Intercambios also gets all decked out in this issue. To mark the celebration of Spanish Language Day, we are sharing the Intercambios Online interview with Ms. Isabel Allende entitled El idioma de mis sentimientos y de la memoria.

Mariano Vitetta writes about “The Not-so-Easy-Task of Translating ‘Abogado’ into English”.

Alejandra Durán, with her interesting article Los retos del subtitulaje, tells us about the complexities of subtitling. Luis Eduardo Sánchez amuses us with a witty short tale entitled Mi última participación, and Margarita Montalvo delights us with her poem Rumbón celestial.

Of course, we could not miss the contributions of Alberto Gómez Font, Fernando Navarro, and Emilio Bernal Labrada.

In this issue you will also find important information about our upcoming ATA Conference in Los Angeles.

Volume 26 / Issue 2 / ISSN 1550-2945


Table of contents

The Wait is Over!
Edna Santizo     2
Un mar de cambios
Mónica de León     5
El idioma de mis sentimientos
y de la memoria

Isabel Allende     6

Noticias de guerra
Flor Montero y Sergio Martínez     8
Buenos y malos ejemplos,
belígeros e idiomáticos

Emilio Bernal Labrada    11

The Not-so-Easy Task of
Translating “Abogado” into English

Mariano Vitetta     13
Hablemos de medicina
Fernando A. Navarro    16

Dos anglicismos feos
Alberto Gómez Font     18
Mi última participación
Lucho Sánchez    20
Los retos del subtitulaje
Alejandra Durán     21
Rumbón celestial
Margarita Montalvo    23

Click to download Intercambios in PDF format.

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