The Summer 2017 Issue of Intercambios Is Out!




In this issue
  • From My Desk
    By Rosario ‘Charo’ Welle
  • Editorial
    By Yilda Ruiz Monroy
  • Mil hojas Anortogratofilia
    By Olga Lucía Mutis
  • ¿Cómo se dice en México?
    By Andre Moskowitz
  • Book Review: Deconstructing Traditional Notions in Translation Studies: Two exemplary cases that challenge thinking regarding translation history and teaching translation, by Edgar Moros
    By Helen Eby
  • Del refranero de Sancho Panza
  • Nuestro idioma de cada día: Listos con “SMART” y otras inteligencias
    By Emilio Bernal Labrada
  • Reseña biográfica de Guillermo Cabanellas de las Cuevas
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