Meet the members of the SPD Podcast Committee (2018-2020)!


The ATA SPD Podcast helps Division members develop and improve their business and lifestyle as language professionals. In each episode, Division members and special guests share ideas and actionable strategies to stimulate motivation, creativity, communication, and contribution to the profession. The podcast is also a venue for all ATA members to explore education in translation, editing, interpretation, and related fields.

These are the names and faces of the current members who are running the podcast!

Gabriela Escarrá, co-chair of the ATA SPD Professional Development Committee and SPD Podcast Committee member, is a Lecturer, Certified Translator (CTPCBA) and Copyeditor. She holds two university degrees (UNLP), in Translation and Literature & Linguistics. ATA Member since 2015.
Charo Welle, a LatAm & US Spanish Accredited Translator and Copyeditor, joined the ATA in 2001 and immediately began volunteering for the SPD. Currently pursuing a MA in Communication Management from Denver University, she enjoys serving as a founding member of the Podcast Committee and assisting in the production of each episode.
Edna Santizo, an ATA and SPD member since 2010, serving and currently co-chairing the SPD Digital and Social Media Committee since 2017, is a seasoned Conference and Community Interpreter, and a Certified California Court Interpreter. She lives in Los Angeles, California.
Gloria Cabrejos is a translator and proofreader, specializing in several technical fields, including oil & gas, mining, and environmental. She resides in Lima, Peru where she owns a translation agency since 1997. Gloria joined the ATA and the SPD in 2015 and began volunteering in several committees and is the Intercambios editor.
Marco Díaz is an ATA-certified En>Sp legal & technical translator from Guatemala City who is currently based in San Diego, CA. A member of ATA since 2015, he started volunteering for the Spanish Language Division (SPD) in 2017. He is currently SPD’s Acting Assistant Administrator, co-webmaster, and member of the Podcast Committee.

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