Meet the members of the ATA SPD Website Committee (2019-2020)!


The SPD website serves as a primary means of communication with Division members and followers. Under the direction of the Division Administrator and the co-webmasters, the Website Committee facilitates communication by handling the website’s design, content, and any updates. The committee works closely with the Administrators and the Digital and Social Media, Professional Development, and Editorial Committees and follows ATA and SPD guidelines for communication channels.

These are the names and faces of the current members who take care of all the website content!

Clarisa Moraña is a translator & proofreader specialized in oil & gas, gastronomy & wines, and localization. She translates from EN, FR, & IT into SP. Clarisa studied translation at School of Modern Languages, UCV, Venezuela, lives in Argentina, joined ATA and SPD in 2016, but began volunteering as SPD’s co-webmaster in 2020.
Marco Díaz is an ATA-certified En>Sp legal & technical translator from Guatemala City who is currently based in San Diego, CA. A member of ATA since 2015, he started volunteering for the Spanish Language Division (SPD) in 2017. He is currently SPD’s Acting Assistant Administrator, co-webmaster, and member of the Podcast Committee.
Danielle Maxson, CT, joined ATA in 2009 and is certified in Spanish to English and Portuguese to English translation. She lives in upstate New York and began proofreading English language posts for the SPD website in 2012. She also volunteers as a member of the ATA Business Practices Education Committee.
Gloria Cabrejos is a translator and proofreader, specializing in several technical fields, including oil & gas, mining, and environmental. She resides in Lima, Peru where she owns a translation agency since 1997. Gloria joined the ATA and the SPD in 2015 and began volunteering in several committees and is the Intercambios editor.
Paul Merriam is an ATA-certified Russian to English translator. After spending 20 years in the US Army, he spent ten years as a project manager in an agency with a Department of Justice contract. He now works as a freelance translator from Russian, German, Polish and Spanish into English.
Pablo Soriano is an ATA member English-to-Spanish translator certified by UCSD, in the medical, technical, legal, and other fields. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture & Urban Planning from the UNA, Paraguay. Pablo is a volunteer proofreader for the SPD´s Website Committee. He resides in San Diego, CA.
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