The return of “Muchas culturas, un solo idioma”!

The Spanish Language Division (SPD) Hospitality Committee is most excited to announce this year’s return of our famous Muchas culturas, un solo idioma! As we are preparing for another exciting annual conference in San Antonio, TX, we are very pleased to invite you to our Annual Dinner and to participate in our theme activity!

As we know, in the other language divisions of the ATA the members are mostly from one or two countries that speak that language. In the Spanish Language Division it is another story: we have members from more than 20 countries!

We are inviting all SPD members who attend the dinner to:

-Wear anything that will indicate their country of origin. It can be as elaborate as a full costume, or as simple as the flag in you lapel and everything in between. Hats, sashes, shoes, you name it. If you are not from any of the countries in particular, then just pick the one you either identify with or that is your favorite (or you just happen to have something you can wear). There will be a prize for the best traditional costume!

-Bring something from your country that will be donated to be used as a door prize. It can be a knick-knack, a book, a work of art, a souvenir, an article of clothing or even a food item. Be creative. It can be big or small. It can be something you made or something you bought. If you would rather pass it around (in the case of snacks or small giveaway items), feel free to do so. In the case of items donated for door prizes, just bring them to the dinner and we will have a special table for you to place them.

The point is to showcase the diversity of our many wonderful cultures and celebrate the fact that we may be different in many ways, but we all speak the same beautiful language!

That evening, we encourage you to approach others to ask questions about what they are wearing and perhaps share your own story. Also, look for people who are new members of the SPD and help us make them feel welcome. And remember, this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. You do not have to dress up or bring anything to participate. Just come and enjoy yourself.

Also, we would like to remind you that our traditional Spanish Language Division Dinner will be on Friday, November 8th, at 6:30 p.m., at Casa Rio River House Restaurant right on The Riverwalk. This year we are happy to host two special guests at the dinner: Jorge de Buen, the distinguished speaker of the SPD for this year’s conference, and Freek Lankhof, of InTrans Books, who is celebrating 25 years as an exhibitor at the ATA annual conference. Freek was also an exhibitor in all of our past SPD mid-year conferences and is a faithful friend of the SPD. Spouses and guests are welcome to attend the dinner. View the delicious menu and find reservation and payment information here.

See you in San Antonio!

Milly Suazo
Chair, SPD Hospitality Committee