SPD Leadership Council (LC) Committee Activities

Getting Involved in the SPD Leadership Committee Activities

SPD’s standing committees are the gateway to becoming involved in SPD activities, provide an excellent opportunity for you to network with others, and stay current while contributing to the continuing evolution of the Spanish language.

Each committee shall have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 10 and be chaired by a Committee Chairperson.  Each potential committee member must be an ATA and division member. The Administrator invites members to serve for one year and may be re-invited, or not, the next year at the discretion of the officers. The Committee Chairperson will schedule and coordinate the activities of the committee he or she leads, and will hold and facilitate meetings as necessary.

Committee chairs have two basic responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that the committee tasks are completed properly and on time.
  • Ensuring that the committee members work together effectively and harmoniously.

Take a look below for information on what standing committees do and how to become involved. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to the  SPD administrator (charowelle at veraswords.com) or any of the committee chair with your name, contact information and the committee that interest you. We will then email you more detailed information.

1. SPD Nominating Committee–The Committee helps to organize and assist with the SPD election process.  The next election will be held in 2018. Tasks include:

  • Requesting ATA Headquarters to provide the Committee with a list of all Active ATA members in the division.
  • Seeking qualified, interested candidates for the available offices.
  • Determining the eligibility of candidates. (Elected Division officers must be Active ATA members.)
  • Contacting individuals who are nominated to confirm their willingness to accept the nomination. (The Nominating Committee must receive from the nominee a written acceptance of the nomination.)
  • Submitting to ATA Headquarters and the Division Administrator a Nominating Committee Report naming the slate of candidates along with copies of their written acceptances.
  • Overseeing the submission of candidate statements to ATA Headquarters.
  • Standing ready to accept petitions for additional candidates to be added to the ballot.

2. SPD Editorial Committee–The Editorial Committee consists of the SPD newsletter Editor and the Committee Members. The Editorial Committee oversees content for Intercambios and assists the Editor in publishing it. Committee Members shall serve renewable one-year terms. Are you interested in collaborating as author or proofreader for Intercambios? Contact Gloria Cabrejos Koo at gloria.cabrejos@gcktraducciones.com.

3. SPD Professional Development Committee –The Professional Development Committee designs and supports educational programs and events that promote the career growth and professional advancement of our members. Events include webinars, workshops, seminars and presentations. This new Committee plans to develop a network of speakers, trainers, and professionals who can deliver a broad range of educational and training programs to the SPD membership. This list will be updated periodically.We would love to hear from you, please send all comments and suggestions to Charo Welle at charowelle@veraswords.com and Gabriela Escarrá at gabriela@langtic.com.

4.  SPD Hospitality and Public Relations Committee This Committee welcomes members and newcomers to the ATA Annual Conference, assists in organizing SPD networking activities and the SPD Annual Dinner during the conference, and helps to find sponsors to donate raffle prizes to increase participation in the SPD Annual Dinner. The Hospitality and Public Relations Committee aims at increasing awareness of the impact of professional translators and interpreters. We work together with the social media and website committees to promote awareness of the SPD and the translation and interpreting professions, and advise the SPD Administration on public relations matters. Contact Mercedes de la Rosa-Sherman at delarosasherman@gmail.com.

5. SPD Student Involvement Committee-The SPD’s Student Involvement Committee creates a meaningful connection between experienced translators and students who are new to the profession. Its goal is to make the SPD known among translation and interpretation students as a means they can use in their professional life to network, find useful resources, learn about the profession, and participate in online forums. We seek out students in degree and certificate programs to make them aware of the SPD and this committee, and to find out what their needs and issues are so that we can begin to direct our efforts towards these topics. We welcome discussion about the purpose, goals and actions of the Student Involvement Committee. Contact Ártemis López at d.artemis.lopez@gmail.com.

6. SPD Digital and Social Media Committee–The SPD Digital and Social Media Committee is in charge of creating and maintaining the SPD socia media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages) as avenues for members to keep up-to-date on SPD events and share information of interest to the membership. The SPD Social Media Committee starts discussions, post links to interesting translation / interpretation related articles, monitors the sites for appropriate postings, etc. The SPD Social Committee works very closely with the Editorial Committee  and the Website Committee and follows the same guidelines as the other communication channels used by the ATA and the SPD. Contact Edna Santizo  at Lsantizo.es@gmail.com   and Victoria Méndez tpvictoriamendez@gmail.com

7. ATA SPD PODCAST Committee – The aim of the ATA SPD PODCAST is to help SPD members move forward, evolve, and improve their business and their lifestyle as a language professional. Throughout the podcast episodes, the members of the ATA Spanish Language Division and special guests will share ideas and actionable strategies for greater motivation, creativity, communication and contribution in today’s world. The podcast will also be a venue to further continuing education in the areas of translation, editing, interpretation, and language-related fields for all ATA SPD members. Contact Division Administrators: at https://ataspd.org/contact/.

8. SPD Website Committee –The SPD Website Committee is responsible for the design, content, and timely updating of the SPD website, which is one of the primary means of communication with the SPD membership and interested individuals. The SPD Website Committee works very closely with the Administrators, the Editorial Committee, the SPD Digital and Social Media Committee, and the Professional Development Committee, and follows the same guidelines as the other communication channels used by the ATA and the SPD. Contact Marco Díaz at m.diaz@marcotranslator.com and Clarisa Moraña at clarisa.morana@gmail.com.

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