ATA Certification Exam Launches On-Demand Option!

As of May 2, ATA members can take the certification exam on demand from the convenience of their home or office at the time of their choosing!

Technical Requirements
Before registering for the exam, you should review the technical requirements needed to take the online exam and the list of approved resources for the exams.

How On-Demand Registration Works
After you register through the ATA website, you will receive an email from ATA confirming the registration. You will receive a second email 3-5 business days later from ExamRoom (the exam host) with instructions on how to schedule the exam date and time. You must take the exam within 30 days of registering

In-Person Exam Sittings Are Still Available
Exam sittings are available in person from April to October. Additional exam sittings will be posted as they are confirmed.

How to Prepare for the ATA Certification Exam
The ATA certification exam is rigorous and demanding. So, what can you do to prepare and—more importantly—pass the test?

Find out in the on-demand 60-minute webinar The Ins and Outs of the ATA Certification Exam! This webinar is free to both ATA members and non-members. Be sure to check out the question-and-answer handout as well.

Get Even More Help from Fellow Exam-Takers
Check out ATA’s website for a great series of articles on taking the exam. You find everything from:

And Don’t Forget the Practice Test
The number one tip offered by the exam graders is to take the practice test. It’s an excellent and affordable way to measure your readiness for the ATA Certification Exam.