Additional Candidate for SPD Assistant Administrator 2020-2022

Dear Spanish Language Division Members,

The SPD would like to announce that division member Andy Benzo is running as an additional candidate as SPD Assistant Administrator in this year’s SPD election. The ATA accepted Andy’s candidacy and her name will be added to the ballot in September.

ATA will publish all 2020 SPD election candidate statements later this year.

Andy Benzo. Legal translator & proofreader.

When I was asked if I would accept a nomination to the Assistant Administrator position for the SPD, I immediately said yes! Not only because of my long association with the division and my love for it, but also because as Assistant Administrator I could continue working to build relations with new and current members, ensuring that everyone is heard and encouraged to participate actively in our beloved SPD.

In 1999 when I came to live to the US, the first thing I did in the US was to join the ATA—21 years ago—attaining the ATA certification during that time. I am very grateful for the colleagues that became friends through the ATA, especially in the SPD.

I believe that the only way to go forward is volunteering and be a team player. Volunteering is my way to give back for all the ATA has given me through the years. Therefore, if elected, I would provide the administrator the best possible support, resources and professional development for the advancement of the SPD membership and use all my experience and expertise to assure all activities are tailored to meet the need of translators and interpreters alike.

Andy has a Law Degree and a Translation Degree from her native Argentina. She has been working as a freelance Legal Translator for more than 30 years. She joined the ATA in 1999 and is ATA-certified. Andy is a founder of ATISDA (Association of Translators and Interpreters in the San Diego Area), serving as its President for 6 years. For many years, she was an instructor in the Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program at UCSD Extension, where she taught several courses, including Legal and Business Translation, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation. She is a member of the Professional Development Committee and the Digital and Social Committee of the SPD. Andy has given many presentations at ATA conferences and internationally.

I will be honored to serve as Assistant Administrator and I pledge all my passion and dedication to serve all the members of the SPD together, adhering to the ATA’s Bylaws, governance and goals, and support the Administrator with the deepest transparency, fairness, and open communication between the members and the ATA.

Andy Benzo. Candidate to SPD Assistant Administrator 2020-2022.