Additional Candidate for SPD Administrator 2020-2022

Dear Spanish Language Division Members,

The SPD would like to announce that division member Gloria Cabrejos is running as an additional candidate as SPD Administrator in this year’s SPD election. The ATA accepted Glorias’ candidacy and her name will be added to the ballot in September.

ATA will publish all 2020 SPD election candidate statements later this year.

Gloria CabrejosTranslator, consecutive interpreter, and editor.

I decided to accept running as administrator for several reasons. After I attended my first ATA Conference as a newbie and received an invitation by the then division assistant administrator to participate in the SPD Website Committee as a content proofreader, I fell in love with my volunteer work for the ATA SPD. During these 5 years as SPD volunteer, I have acquired great learning experiences in working closely with the administrators, the Leadership Council, and most of the SPD committees. I have gained the confidence and knowledge of what it means to work objectively as part of a team.

As current editor of Intercambios and member of the SPD Leadership Council, I feel grateful to have accomplished the following:

      • Inspired the complete change and new design of the newsletter
      • Assured that every issue features relevant T&I articles
      • Responded quickly to all correspondence addressed to the SPD editor
      • Followed ATA’s Bylaws and their Division Handbook
      • Acted with objectivity, solidarity, and respect towards each SPD Leadership Council member, and SPD committee members

I only have words of appreciation and gratitude to all the colleagues I have been working with during these years; they have taught me a lot and help me grow, not only professionally, but personally, which has inspired me to give back what I have received.

If elected, I pledge to continue working very hard, with passion, transparency, respect, and professionalism to give continuity to what the division has accomplished so far for the benefit of all SPD members—translators & interpreters—.

Gloria is a professional translator since 1991. She specializes in occupational health & safety, social responsibility, the environment, mining, and logistics, among others. She runs a translation company in Lima, Peru since 1997. She is the current Vice-President of the Peruvian Association of Professional Translators (ATPP). Gloria is an ATA member since 2015 and a very active SPD member. She belongs to the SPD Leadership Council, is the chair of the Editorial Committee, the editor of Intercambios, and a member of the Professional Development Committee, the Podcast Committee, and the Website Committee.

Gloria Cabrejos. Candidate to SPD administrator 2020-2022.