Farewell to InTrans Book Service

Freek Lankhof, owner of InTrans Book Service

Freek Lankhof, owner of InTrans Book Service

Freek Lankhof recently announced that his business, Intrans Book Service, will close on December 31, 2014, and that he will not attend the upcoming ATA 55th Annual Conference in Chicago. The Spanish Language Division (SPD) is terribly saddened by this news. Because Freek has been a faithful friend and exhibitor in all of SPD’s past mid-year conferences, we are especially grateful for having honored Freek during last year’s SPD annual dinner at the ATA annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Freek was one of the SPD’s guests of honor in occasion of InTrans Books’ 25 years as exhibitor at ATA annual conferences.

While Freek will no longer import books, he will continue to sell from his current inventory at reduced prices until December 31. The titles available are listed on his website www.intransbooks.com.

Please join the SPD in expressing our gratitude to Freek for his many years of service, and for, as he puts it, “helping [us] become better translators and interpreters” throughout the past 25 years.

The SPD will greatly miss you, Freek, and we sincerely wish you the very best in your future endeavors.


Fran Samuel


Helen Eby
Assistant Administrator