In this episode, Nicolás Arízaga, acting as SPD podcast host, interviews Odilia Romero, who talks about the following interesting topics, among others:

  • her career as an interpreter and activist
  • the challenges that indigenous communities face, and her work on supporting women’s leadership and new generations
  • the community’s philosophy of working for the benefit of others
  • her role as co-founder of CIELO and the volunteer work they are doing
  • the progress in support of language rights in the US and CA in terms of indigenous languages
  • some examples of misinterpretation of indigenous speakers and their tragic consequences
  • the work she has been doing to educate LAPD about indigenous communities

On behalf of the ATA SPD Podcast Committee, we express our sincere gratitude to Odilia Romero for sharing such an enjoyable and enriching talk with us, as we hope you find these pages of life truly inspirational! 

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