ATA Mentoring Program

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The ATA Mentoring Program offers matching services to a limited number of mentees for 6 months (April-October).

The next session will begin in April 2020 and run through October 2020.

Applications from ATA members interested in participating in the program (mentors and mentees) will be accepted through March 6, 2020. This will be the only enrollment period in 2020.

Applicants selected for the program will be notified by April 15, 2020.

Watch the free ATA Mentoring Program webinar to learn more about the program!  See webinar question-and-answer handout.

How can I become a mentee?
  • Review and update your professional services listing in the online ATA Directory.
    Don’t have a listing? Create one!
  • Download the ATA Mentee Statement Worksheet from the ATA website.
  • Write a 400-word essay in English using your worksheet answers.
    Be sure to include:
    » description of your background
    » your translation or interpreting experience
    » what you hope to gain from an ATA mentorship
  • Email your contact information, with your worksheet and essay as attachments, to

How can I become a mentor?

  • Update your ATA directory profile.
  • Download the ATA Mentor Statement Worksheet from the ATA website.
  • Fill out the worksheet; the Mentoring Committee will use this information to match you to a mentee.
  • Email the worksheet as an attachment to