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The Spring 2017 Issue of Intercambios Is Out!

Enjoy the latest issue of Intercambios! In this issue From my Desk By Rosario ‘Charo’ Welle Editorial By Yilda Ruiz Monroy Interview with Carlota Caulfield: Poet, Writer, Editor, Translator and Scholar By Stacy McKenna ¿Cómo se dice en México? By Andre Moskowitz Hispanidad e indigenismo: varias lenguas en contacto By Lorena Pike ATA Statement on Immigration Ban Nuestro idioma de

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The Issue of Choice in Translation of Poetry

The Issue of Choice in Translation of Poetry Pablo Luis Sosa The translation of poetry is not only concerned with meaning at a lexical, syntactical and paragraph level, but also with other layers of meaning which must be taken into account such as rhythm, rhyme, imagery, phonic considerations, metaphorical language, the poetic form chosen and tone which are properties of

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