Results of the 2020 SPD Professional Development Survey!

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Click to view/download the 2020 SPD Professional Development Survey Report

Dear Spanish Language Division (SPD) members,

The SPD is pleased to share the report on the 2020 SPD Professional Development Survey conducted June 6-19, 2020.

The survey consisted of a 10-item questionnaire that included nine multiple choice questions—seven of which offered an option to add more specific responses—and one was an open-ended question. Participants represented 10.11% of the current SPD membership.

The short survey collected anonymous data about SPD members’ needs, experiences, goals, and preferences pertaining to T&I training and education, listing five main objectives:

1. To have a detailed overview of SPD members’ main areas of work and fields of specializations;

2. To understand current changes in SPD members’ fields of work and how these changes, if any, have impacted their training and professional development opportunities;

3. To obtain a detailed overview of language combination (English and Spanish) preferences and type of training based on such language preferences;

4. To gain understanding and detailed information on preferred training methodology, format (synchronous or asynchronous), quantity per year, and day and time slots; and

5. To offer members an opportunity to suggest other professional development and training.

In alignment with ATA’s guidelines and subject to its approval, the SPD intends to use the survey data collected to contribute adequately to the professional growth and skills development of all SPD members.

The SPD PDC remains available and open to suggestions and comments as the world, the ATA and its divisions continue to evolve and adapt to rapid changes. 


Charo Welle, SPD Administrator and PDC Co-Chair
Gabriela Escarrá, SPD LC Member and PDC Co-Chair

On behalf of the SPD Leadership Council (LC) and the Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Click to view/download the 2020 SPD Professional Development Survey Report