Recommend Distinguished Speakers for ATA’s 56th Annual Conference

In anticipation of ATA’s 56th Annual Conference to be held in Miami, Florida, we would like to invite you to recommend Distinguished Speakers (DS) for the annual conference. Distinguished Speakers must be non-ATA members who have not previously presented at an ATA conference. While speakers from outside the United States are good candidates, Divisions are reminded that there is a vast pool of talent within the United States.

For each speaker, please include his/her full name, title, a brief statement as to how this speaker represents a significant benefit to the Conference and what kinds of expertise and skills can he/she offer attendees, and his/her contact information, if available. You can recommend up to two (2) speakers provided they meet the above guidelines. Please submit your recommendation(s) by January 12, 2015 here: Distinguished Speaker Recommendation Form.

If you have any questions, please contact Division Administrator Francesca Samuel at:; or Assistant Administrator Rosario (Charo) Welle at:

Thank you for your support!