Online Translation/Revision Workshop (English into Spanish)

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The Albuquerque Translation Group (ATG, based in New Mexico) is sponsoring the second edition of an online workshop for translators looking for an enjoyable learning experience.

With great pleasure we announce that Leandro Wolfson will offer his extensive and extremely valuable knowledge as translator and reviewer. The format will be similar to the distance Spanish translation/revision workshop offered by TIP-Lab in the period 1995-2014, which received a great response from translators of diverse nationalities residing in different countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Spain and Mexico.

Leandro Wolfson is a renowned Argentine translator, editor and professor, with specialization in journalism and human and social sciences. (Please visit to see the reviewer’s Résumé.)

Qualifications for Participation

In order to be accepted, applicants must have an extensive translation experience and a full command of the Spanish and English languages. Applicants who have never participated in TIP-Lab workshops in the past, or in the first one organized by ATG in 2015, must submit a short narrative in Spanish explaining their background in translation and the reasons why they would like to participate in this workshop (approximately 100-150 words). The narrative will serve as a tool to evaluate their language proficiency.

Types of Texts and Description of the Workshop

Texts for translation will be of a general nature (press articles, fragments of scientific, socioeconomic and literary essays) and will consist of approximately 700 words. The guidelines regarding the translated texts will be sent with the letter of acceptance. Participants will have access to the ATG website (, where they will be able to download the material, and upload their translations. Besides their individual translation reviewed through a system of revision marks and annotated footnotes, they will receive each month a number of “General Notes” concerning the main difficulties of each text and one translation selected among the participants as a model for comparison. We suggest that the participants print the Program Calendar and place it in a visible spot. Translated texts received after the deadlines will not be accepted.

After receiving each monthly revision, participants are encouraged to analyze the assignment in local groups (if they live in the same area) or by email or other electronic media. They can also send the reviewer, individually or as a group, doubts raised by his comments.

ATG will issue a Certificate of Completion to those participants who have submitted the four required translations and the evaluation form within the established deadlines.

Workshop Fee, Registration and Payment Policies

The workshop fee is US$310 per participant, which includes a US$60 non-refundable administrative fee. Payment must be made in US dollars by check or money order payable to Claudia Ross.

Registration deadline is Monday, December 14th, 2015.

Registration Application Form with payment and the short narrative must be mailed to:

Claudia Ross
8819 Greenarbor Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

The number of potential participants is limited, and registrations will be accepted based on language proficiency and on a first-come-first-served basis. No refunds will be granted after the registration deadline.

Registration Application form:

Continuing Education Credits

This workshop has been approved by the American Translators Association (10 hours of Continuing Education Credits) and the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts (6 hours of Continuing Education Credits).

View the Program Calendar:

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