The SPD is seeking nominations for this period’s election process

Dear members of the ATA’s Spanish Language Division (SPD):

As part of this period’s election process, we are reaching out to you to ask if you would like to nominate a candidate or candidates for the Division’s Administrator and Assistant Administrator positions that you consider to have your Division’s, ATA’s, and our profession’s best interest in mind.

SPDElections2014Please take a moment out of your busy schedules to do this, as it is critical for our organization to continue moving forward well into the future, under the best guidance possible.

Please submit the name of your nominee(s) at your earliest convenience, but no later than May 17th, 2014. All nominees will be asked to submit a letter of acceptance and a candidate statement by May 31st. Further details in this regard will be discussed individually with the nominees and/or the nominating party. For any communication regarding this election process, email Daniel Tamayo at who will be your first/main point of contact in the Nominating Committee. Daniel will immediately share any and all of your communications with our other two committee members, our colleagues, Anne Louise and Guillermina Raffo Magnasco. Any of us may get back to you with a response to your query, based on the nature of the request and our availability.


The 2014 SPD Nominating Committee