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Episode 11 of the ATA SPD Podcast – An interview with CAROLA BERGER

Summary: In Episode 11, Gloria Cabrejos—translator and editor, an ATA SPD member since 2015, editor of Intercambios and member of the SPD Leadership Council—has the honor of interviewing Carola Berger, current administrator of ATA’s Science and Technology Division and the webmaster of the Board of Directors of the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA), an ATA Chapter. Carola shares information about

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ATA’s Resources on Internet Scams

Dear Spanish Language Division Members, The SPD would like to make you aware of the ATA Members and Scams information, which includes the following resources and information on how to report and prevent scams: The latest in the scamming business A list of ATA Chronicle articles that touch on the subject Identity theft Phishing How scammers get your contact information How

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