Next ATA Board Meeting in Virginia

The ATA Board is meeting April 22-23 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. If you live in or will be visiting the Washington, DC area, we invite you to come to the meeting in person; it is open to all members.

Otherwise, we welcome your feedback by e-mail. Please let us know what ATA programs, services, and events are most important to you, and what ideas you have for us to better meet your needs. You can send your feedback to me or any other Board member, our contact information is on the ATA website: ce/governance_board.php

After you send us your feedback, we post it on a large flip chart in the Board meeting room, then all of the comments are logged in a spreadsheet that headquarters maintains. Over time, this helps us identify topics that multiple members have brought to the Board’s attention.

Thank you for your thoughts and for your support of ATA!